League of Legends Friends review

League of Legends Friends

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While League of Legends has been standing its ground since 2009, it’s got a great lot of auxiliary apps and services, from forums and how-to sites to communication apps like this. Playing LOL on your PC, you can coordinate your activity with your teammates with this specific app, and do much more, as all this app provides is about LOL.

Interface 9/10

Just as bright and colorful as the original game, League of Legend’s Friends brings you the legendary fantasy aesthetics. It’s drawn the same way the original app is, despite no need for that class of animation. The menu is easy to make out.

The app needs notifications to be turned on. When you get an invitation to join the game, you see it immediately, so you can launch the game to accept it. The same happens when the developers announce some event or roll out an update.

Menu and Features 8/10

To use the app, you need to log in with your main League of Legends credentials. Then you get access both to centralized news provided by the server and to your personal data. This app can be a good assistance while communicating, as it holds your chat history, your match history and stats, your Twitch subscriptions, and other personalized data. You can chat with your LoL friends in the app if they’re online, no matter if the game is active on your computer or not.

In fact, it’s a remote manager for your profile, not replacing the original desktop app, but just enhancing it. Maybe some unsatisfied users should have read the description before installing it and then sharing their disappointment.

The app could have been of more use if it gave better access to the user’s profile. Some wish they could make purchases with it, or integrate shopping with the core game app. Others are dissatisfied with match history that lacks details. But most players are quite satisfied with it, admitting that it really adds to their gaming experience 24/7.

Usability 8/10

In fact, this app is made to enhance the usability of the original League of Legends, so it only makes sense to review how they work together. And they do decently. Showing when your friends are online or notifying that they want you in the game helps you find the best time for playing, not expecting for it all day and night long. Any news can be delivered to you regardless of where you are. And you don’t have to launch the game for it; a great time-saving feature!

Any Glitches? 8/10

As the app depends on Internet connection strongly, it may function poorly when you’re not covered well, away from Wi-Fi or LTE network. Chatting can survive switching to 3G, but video streaming will stumble and stagger.  

The Verdict

Even if you play League of Legends, this app isn’t a must. It’s only for the most devoted fans who want to stay connected 24/7, even when away from the game itself.


  • Centralized reports on updates and other major issues
  • Built-in chats and Twitch translations
  • Personalized stats
  • Integrated login.


  • Not necessary unless you’re the biggest fan
  • Lacks some useful features like shopping or real-time watching
  • Requires good Internet connection.

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