Gardenscapes review


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Gardenscapes is a game in which you have to restore a once-beautiful garden. You do this by completing a number of tasks, such as planting flowers or rebuilding a bridge. These tasks are available on a map and you complete them one by one. The game is free to play and offers an immersive gameplay.


The gameplay consists of completing tasks on a map. You complete tasks by clicking on them and doing them. Tasks include planting flowers, rebuilding a bridge, and removing obstacles. You also get to unlock new areas as you progress in the game. You can also choose to hire friends to help you with your tasks.


The graphics are very colorful. They are pleasing to the eye and help to make the game more immersive. The only downside is that the graphics are not very realistic, and cannot compete with other games on the market.


The game is very replayable, as there are always new tasks to complete, new areas to explore, and new friends to unlock.


Overall, Gardenscapes is a great free game. It is very replayable and has a lot of advantages. The only downside is that the game is not very challenging.


  • Is free to play, there are always new areas to explore, and there is no limit on how long you can play


  • The graphics are not very realistic and the game is not very challenging

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