Unveiling Starfield's Stellar Companions: A Detailed Guide to Crew Recruitment

  • 20-09-2023 |
  • Taylor Jones

Starfield, the epic open-world RPG by Bethesda Game Studios, offers players the chance to explore the cosmos with a myriad of choices and opportunities, including selecting their dedicated spaceship crew. This article provides an illuminating guide on how to recruit all of the available companions in Starfield, explaining their unique skills, how to recruit them, and the best strategies to build your unbeatable crew.

Companions in Starfield

Companions in Starfield

Starfield provides an immersive universe with 26 unique companions, each with their own individual personalities and specialized skills. Whether you're seeking an astrodynamics expert or a starship engineer, Starfield has got you covered. Some companions might demand a fee, while others willingly join your journey, rendering the recruitment process a strategic component of the gameplay.

The Secret to Successful Recruitment

Each Starfield companion requires a specific approach to recruitment, linked to progressing in the main story missions or accomplishing side quests. Certain companions like Sam Coe or Sarah Morgan join your crew at the beginning of key story missions, whereas others like Rafael Aguerro or Mathis demand specific choices to be available. Navigating through these narrative choices deftly ensures the successful assembly of a diverse and dynamic crew.

Adding a Touch of Romance to the Stars

For players seeking to add a touch of romance to their star-studded journey, Starfield delivers. Of the 26 companions, players have the option to kindle love affairs with Sarah, Sam, Barret, and Andreja. In the realm of love, timing is crucial; the companions can miss their chance at love if the player waits too long!

Stellar Skills: Companion Specializations

Stellar Skills Companion Specializations

Each companion in Starfield possesses a range of skills that boost their utility to the player. From Vasco's Shield Systems to Rafael Aguerro's Starship Engineering, every companion offers unique foundational support and strategic benefits to your crew. Customizing a diversified crew enhances both the player's survival prospects and the gameplay experience.


Assembling a stellar crew in Starfield enlightens both the gameplay and the narrative experience, ensuring a dynamic and engaging journey through the expanses of outer space. Whether it's for their unique skills, romancing possibilities, or captivating personal stories, the choices you make while recruiting your crew set the tone for your personalized adventure. As you rally your team and venture into the unknown, remember the stars are the limit!