Mastering the Level-Up System in Lies of P

  • 15-09-2023 |
  • Taylor Jones

The gothic saga of Lies of P, steeped in mystery and marred by difficult opponents, can be an overwhelming experience for gamers, especially newcomers. One crucial mechanism to mastering this game is understanding the leveling-up system. In this guide, we will delve into the intricacies of leveling up, which can significantly enhance your survival possibilities and increase your damage output.

Waking Up to Level Up

Your journey in Lies of P starts abruptly, with a vague voice giving you the initial instructions. The mysterious voice introduces you to Stargazers, your lifelines for health replenishment and other useful items. Leveling up becomes possible from the very beginning at these Stargazers, where you will receive Ergo, the game's currency. It's essential to keep in mind that each level-up requires more Ergo than the last; spending Ergo wisely should be one of your primary strategies.

Waking Up to Level Up

The Sophia Chapter: Leveling Up At Your Discretion

After defeating the first major boss and arriving at Hotel Krat, you meet the person behind the mysterious voice - Sophia. Sophia serves as the Level Up NPC from this point onwards, and you must find her at Hotel Krat to level up. At the same time, this may require some trekking around; fear not! The Moonphase Pocket Watch, a newly acquired item, enables fast travel back to the hotel from anywhere, making the level-up process more accessible.

Regaining Independence: Level Up Anywhere

Regaining Independence Level Up

As the narrative progresses, the game reinstates your freedom to level up at any Stargazer, a move that proves considerably convenient. However, be aware that once you assign points to a specific attribute and level up, reallocating those points isn't possible during future level-ups. To overcome this hindrance, the game provides an option to respec, i.e., reset your levels and refund your used Ergo. However, this option isn't immediately available, and you must venture well into your journey until you reach Area VII before you can use it.

Final Advice: Plan, Spend, and Survive

As you immerse yourself in the punishing world of Lies of P, remember that surviving in this hostile universe depends heavily on your ability to plan and spend your energies wisely—Invest in thoughtful decisions during your level-up sessions, anticipate future battles, and strategize effectively. While early hours can be daunting, understanding the level-up system, coupled with strategic gameplay, can turn the tide in your favor, making your experience in Lies of P more enjoyable and less overwhelming.