Mastering the Dark Arts: Acquiring Avada Kedavra in Hogwarts Legacy

  • 30-11-2023 |
  • Dominik Barkley

Embarking on the journey of a Hogwarts student in "Hogwarts Legacy" not only entails attending classes and exploring the vast wizarding world but also delving into the deeper, darker practices of magic. Among these is the notorious and unforgivable spell, Avada Kedavra, a spell of such lethal potency that it never fails to end the life of its target. This guide will navigate you through the intricate steps necessary to unlock this formidable spell, but be wary, for the path you tread is fraught with shadows and moral choices.

Step 1: Forge a Bond with Sebastian Sallow

Forge a Bond with Sebastian Sallow

Your passage to learning Avada Kedavra intertwines with the story of Sebastian Sallow, a character whose familiarity with the darker side of magic proves invaluable. To approach the crossroads where you may learn Avada Kedavra, you must first invest time in developing your relationship with Sebastian. Completing tasks and missions for him will not only gain you his trust but also draw you closer to the inner circle where such powerful spells are shared.

Step 2: Progress Through the Game to Level 28

Power such as that wielded by the Unforgivable Curses is not granted lightly or hastily. Thus, "Hogwarts Legacy" requires you to demonstrate your capability and determination by reaching level 28. This level is recommended before you can adequately handle the weight of such a spell and before the storyline naturally progresses to its revelation. It is in committing yourself to growth and learning within the game that the spell will eventually be within your reach.

Step 3: Navigate Through 'In the Shadow of Hope' and 'Lodgok's Loyalty'

Prior to being deemed ready to handle Avada Kedavra, you must complete pivotal story quests that include 'In the Shadow of Hope' and 'Lodgok's Loyalty.' These quests are instrumental in the overarching narrative and will pave the way for 'In the Shadow of the Relic' - the precise point at which the spell beckons.

Step 4: Engage in 'In the Shadow of the Relic'

Engage in 'In the Shadow of the Relic'

'In the Shadow of the Relic' is where your mettle is tested. This quest pits you against adversaries and a formidable boss where, upon victory, you shall stand before a pivotal moment with Sebastian Sallow. It is here, in the aftermath of battle, that your choice of words sway your fate. Express your desire to learn about "that curse," and if you wish to learn Avada Kedavra immediately, you must affirm with "Yes, please" when prompted.

Should the tides of dialogue not flow in your favor, fear not. The dark spell may still be acquired later in the Undercroft, provided you stay true to Sebastian's cause and protect him against Ominis Gaunt by selecting "We must not turn Sebastian in." Doing so secures your access to the dark spell, as Sebastian will then extend his knowledge of Avada Kedavra to you.

Step 5: Understand the Consequences

Within the realms of "Hogwarts Legacy," your actions, while not judged by a conventional morality system, will still reverberate through your relationships. The choice to wield Avada Kedavra comes without in-game penalties, yet remember that such a powerful and dark spell may color the perceptions of those around you. It stands as a testament to your character’s journey through the grey areas of wizardry ethics. Will you step into the light, or does the allure of the shadows tempt you?


Harnessing the power of Avada Kedavra in "Hogwarts Legacy" is an experience reserved for those who have proven their worth through dedication, combat, and the exploration of nuanced relationships. Be mindful of the path you forge within the hallowed and haunted corridors of magic. The spell, once learned, becomes a symbol of the complex morality and profound power that rests within your grasp. Use it wisely, or better yet, let it serve as a reminder of the dark corners even the most virtuous wizards must acknowledge but need not embrace.