Sony Pulls Ghost of Tsushima from Steam in Many Countries Due to PSN Requirement

  • 13-05-2024 |
  • Dominik Barkley

After Sony's mishap with Helldivers, the need for a PSN connection for Ghost of Tsushima has resulted in its withdrawal from Steam in numerous nations. While the uproar over Helldivers 2 and its PSN requirement has subsided, a related stipulation hampers the availability of the Ghost of Tsushima PC version in a multitude of regions.

Scheduled to debut on PC on May 16, the eagerly awaited Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut has been yanked from Steam in a sweeping expanse of countries, affecting nearly 180 locales globally. This move comes as the title's multiplayer facet mandates an operational PlayStation Network account for access, a criterion unattainable in various regions due to the absence of PSN services.

Earlier in the week, SteamDB indicated the addition of 'purchase restricted countries' to Ghost of Tsushima’s entries, with numerous would-be players noting that Steam has proceeded to refund their game acquisitions automatically. Sucker Punch has endeavored to elucidate its stance on account linkage, stating that interaction with the Legends multiplayer aspect and the PlayStation interface necessitates a PSN account. However, they highlighted that enjoying the single-player experience does not require such linkage, mirroring other PlayStation releases on PC.

The uproar commenced when Helldivers 2 incorporated a compulsory PSN account a few months post-launch, inciting a backlash of over 200,000 adverse critiques on its store page. Issues raised included concerns over data collection, a vague "amnesty period," and the abrupt unavailability of the game in over 170 regions where it had been accessible.

This led to Sony retracting the requirement. Sony appears to have refined its communication regarding the prerequisites for Ghost of Tsushima, yet the strategy to bolster PSN subscriptions by excluding worldwide gamers remains controversial. With an imminent announcement expected for the God of War: Ragnarok port to PC, It is uncertain what approach Sony will adopt for its future multiplatform release strategies. Moreover, Helldivers 2 has recently been withdrawn from Steam in an additional three regions due to the absence of PSN support.