Helldivers 2 Steam Reputation Tumbles Amid Backlash Over Sony Account Requirement

  • 06-05-2024 |
  • Taylor Jones

The Steam reputation of Helldivers 2 plummeted after a developer mentioned that issuing refunds and addressing the 145,000 disapproving critiques provides them with greater leverage in negotiations with Sony.

The Steam platform for Helldivers 2 has been swamped with over 145,000 negative reviews in recent days, diminishing its previously unblemished rating.

The past week has been turbulent for Helldivers 2 following an announcement by PlayStation Studios that all PC users must link their gameplay to a valid PlayStation Network account to keep playing. This requirement, introduced months after the game's initial release, has significantly frustrated players. In addition to general privacy and data collection concerns, the sudden need for a secondary account registration has caught many off guard. Moreover, the PlayStation Network's unavailability in various regions where Steam operates led to Helldivers 2 being withdrawn from Steam in more than 170 countries.

Community manager Spitz, addressing the community on Discord, highlighted that the development team was equally dismayed by this sudden Sony mandate, emphasizing "Sony's decision, not ours" and expressing solidarity with player discontent. The strategy of vocalizing dissatisfaction through reviews and refund requests, Spitz noted, strengthens their position in dialogues with Sony.

The backlash from Helldivers 2 enthusiasts has been palpable, with the game's highly regarded Steam rating dropping to "Mixed" after nearly 470,000 reviews. An alarming "Overwhelmingly Negative" reception is reflected in the most recent 30-day period, driven by more than 144,000 negative reviews submitted in just the last two days.

Reports also indicate that Steam has issued refunds to several players, deviating from its standard policy of refunding only those with less than two hours of gameplay. In this extraordinary circumstance, individuals with more than 200 hours of gameplay have been granted refunds.

In reaction to the criticism, the head of Helldivers 2 concurred, suggesting the backlash was justified.