Helldivers 2 Devs Seek Alternatives for Players in Regions Without PlayStation Network

  • 07-05-2024 |
  • Dominik Barkley

The requirement for Helldivers 2 on PlayStation Network won't hinder gamers in unsupported areas from engaging with the title, as creators explore alternate paths.

For Helldivers 2 enthusiasts utilizing PC in locales lacking PlayStation Network support, gameplay remains accessible post-implementation of the account linking directive, as mentioned by a development team member. Sony, the game's publisher, recently mandated that Helldivers 2 users on Steam must synchronize their gaming profiles with a valid PSN account to continue enjoying the highly acclaimed cooperative shooter. This announcement has led to a surge of critical feedback on the game's digital storefront, with many voicing worries over data privacy and the inadequately disclosed "grace period."

A more significant issue arose with the realization that PlayStation Network's reach does not extend to all regions served by Steam, presenting a dilemma for international gamers in adhering to Sony's new policy. Arrowhead Studios' community liaison, Spitz, provided further insights via a Discord announcement, ensuring that should an adequate alternative not emerge for those in PSN-absent regions, the mandate would not apply to them. The intention is to avoid placing individuals in a position where they must violate Sony's terms of service or forfeit gameplay.

Arrowhead's team had previously pointed out that the linkage directive originated from Sony, highlighting their detachment from the decision. This sentiment is echoed in further comments from the community manager, revealing a collective dissatisfaction among the development staff and an active search for feasible solutions. This stance aligns with the studio head's acknowledgment of the criticisms as "justified."