ExpressVPN Expands its Reach with the Launch of its Integrated Password Manager, ExpressVPN Keys

  • 07-11-2023 |
  • Piere Toure

The realm of digital security is abuzz as ExpressVPN, a leader in virtual private networks, steps into the realm of password management with its newly unveiled feature, ExpressVPN Keys. Although the future of password replacements like passkeys is on the horizon, traditional passwords remain a staple in cybersecurity measures. As waves of data breaches threaten online safety, maintaining robust protection for private credentials is paramount. Capitalizing on its expertise in security, ExpressVPN aims to offer formidable protection with its password manager.

ExpressVPN Keys, first tested in beta in the preceding year, has since progressed and is now accessible to users on both iOS and Android platforms, along with a browser extension available for Chrome users on Windows, Mac, or Linux systems. The announcement from ExpressVPN highlighted the necessity for a distinct primary password to enable the secure management features of Keys.

The process for existing password manager users to transition to ExpressVPN Keys is streamlined. Users can import their existing credentials with ease during setup. This new tool mirrors what one would expect from a high-caliber password manager, facilitating the storage and synchronization of passwords across devices. Unlike LastPass, which limits free users to a single type of device, ExpressVPN Keys offers cross-device syncing. It enhances user experience by automatically filling in user details on both websites and applications and securely houses not only passwords but also credit card information, addresses, and other personal data. To bolster convenience, Keys supports biometric verification, eliminating the need for constant password re-entry.

Bearing similarities to established services like 1Password or LastPass, ExpressVPN Keys promises unlimited login storage, a bespoke password generator, and convenient import-export capabilities. Additionally, the autofill for favorite sites and a unique 'Password Health' feature help users monitor password strength and identify any compromised by data breaches.

The service prioritizes security, employing advanced encryption that even ExpressVPN cannot penetrate, ensuring user data remains private through zero-knowledge encryption. Offering two-factor authentication and a secure master password recovery process, the platform reinforces its commitment to user safety.

For the encryption standard, ExpressVPN Keys utilizes AES-256-bit encryption and RSA-PSS with 4096-bit keys, protocols trusted by governments and military agencies worldwide. Catering to those with a technical inclination, the company also provides access to an in-depth security white paper, showcasing the complexities and design paradigm behind their password manager's infrastructure.