Bulletin Offers Customizable AI-Driven News Experience

  • 19-02-2024 |
  • Dominik Johnson

Shihab Mehboob, the developer behind the creation of the new AI-powered news reader, Bulletin, focuses on addressing concerns around clickbait and summarizing relevant stories. Bulletin fills the void left by Artifact, the previous AI news app from Instagram founders. However, Bulletin offers a more personalized experience by allowing users to choose their news sources.

The app utilizes AI technology not only to remove misleading headlines but also to provide article summaries at the touch of a button. This feature is hoped to enhance the readers' experience by providing a brisk rundown of the day's articles. Bulletin is accessible across a range of Apple Devices including iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch with an Apple TV version expected shortly after its launch.

Bulletin ensures an easy user experience through a predefined set of news categories, including World News, Tech, Entertainment, and more. However, users can tailor this setup by adding or removing any feed of their preference from the app settings. One standout feature is the AI-enhanced title improvement for potential clickbait articles, along with the "Smart Summary" option offering a brief, user-friendly digest of each piece.

Additionally, Bulletin offers an ‘Explain Like I’m Five’ summary style to simplify complex stories. Other features include in-app translation of summaries into local languages and a "copy summary" button for easy sharing of news summaries across platforms. Another significant benefit is the ability to remove certain news categories or specific news sources to customize the 'For You' feed, catering to the preferences of power users and heavy news consumers.

All these groundbreaking features come with a cost. While basic use of Bulletin is free, AI features such as the anti-clickbait option and unlimited Summary views require a paid plan starting at $3.99 per month. Yearly and lifetime options are also available for $14.99 and $44.99 respectively.