All Video Games Produced By Xbox Game Studios Will Debut On Game Pass Upon Their Initial Release Date

  • 10-05-2024 |
  • Dominik Barkley

While it's true that placing one's faith in the declarations of Xbox executives can be challenging given their recent incongruous actions and strategies, particularly in light of the discontinuation of activity at Arkane Austin, the conclusion of Redfall's development and the ceasing of operations at Tango Gameworks in contrast to the proclaimed intent of expanding Xbox's influence in Japan and Asia, Xbox head Sarah Bond has recently asserted with certainty that every title crafted by the Xbox Game Studios family will premiere on Game Pass upon release.

In a conversation with Bloomberg (as reported by XboxEra), Bond precisely mentioned, "We are aware that our dedicated players have a fondness for Game Pass. Game Pass is a membership for gaming, offering an extensive collection of games, and crucially, it provides immediate access to every title we develop on its launch day within the service. The excellence and diversity of those titles have been ascending over time. Furthermore, we're anticipating the introduction of some significant titles into Game Pass later in the year."

When inquired whether this commitment encompasses Activision's lineup, she responded, "It pertains to the entire catalog, the entire range, and you'll witness some truly impressive offerings. Ensuring this remains an exclusive benefit for Xbox enthusiasts is fundamental to our mission."

Despite the circulating reports and speculations suggesting that Xbox leadership was deliberating whether the premiere of Call of Duty on Game Pass might lead to reduced revenue due to its vast popularity and loyal fanbase, it is now evident that Bond has dispelled these reservations. She has verified that Call of Duty will be accessible on Xbox Game Pass from the beginning, and her assertion appears unequivocally straightforward.