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Wawa is a quick and easy way to order food. In addition to the main functionality, the app has lots of additional features that make the ordering process smoother and more satisfying.

Interface 7/10

The interface of this app is useful. You can easily choose a restaurant you want to order from, and you can browse its menu freely. All these menus have not only big pictures of available dishes, but also all kinds of useful information about them, including nutrition facts and topping options. This makes your ordering food routine more comfortable.

In addition to its rather convenient interface, Wawa has a nice design. The red and white color scheme is pleasant, and the pictures are very appetizing. Moreover, the app is designed to look especially nice on mobile devices, so you don't need to browse it for too long before you can get your food. All in all, this app is good-looking and simple.

Menu and Features 8/10

The simplicity doesn't interfere with Wawa's functionality. It means that the main menu of the app has only the most important options, so you don't have to look for them – just install it and order any dish you want right away. And the additional features make this process only easier. One of the most useful of them is the option to save your favorite dishes and reorder them.

Another important feature offered by Wawa is the extended list of possible payment options. Wawa has special gift cards that you can use to pay for your orders, and there is also a reward system that allows you to earn rewards for your activity in the app. You can then use these rewards to pay for orders – but that doesn't mean you can't use the gift cards, too.

The reward system works like this: every $50 you spend on orders in Wawa bring you a reward. These rewards stack throughout the year, and you also get bonus rewards for being a member. This system is very flexible, so you get only bonuses you really need.

Usability 7/10

The simplicity doesn't interfere with the functionality of this app, and that's what makes Wawa so user-friendly. There are some useful features included in the app, but you can use them without any additional effort. And the interface adds another bit to that usability.

Any Glitches? 6/10

The current version of Wawa is stable, and it works pretty well. Of course, you can still find a bug here and there, but the developers seem to fix them pretty fast. Particularly, some users have encountered problems with logging into the app, but now that issue is fixed.

The Verdict

Wawa is a nice app that may look simple, but it has valuable features that really help it stand out of its niche. The interface allows you to access its features easily, and the rewards system allows you to save considerable amounts of money. While there are definitely more functional apps out there, they also tend to be more complicated, and Wawa lets you keep things simple enough. So download Wawa app and give it a try.


  • Nice interface
  • Useful features
  • Reward system.


  • Minor bugs
  • Not many options.

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