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Toca Life World - Create stories & make your world

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Enter the exciting, enchanting, and educational world of Toca Life World, an open-world game crafted especially for children. Developed by Swedish app development studio Toca Boca, this game thrives on stimulating children's creativity and imagination. Unleashing the essence of free play, Toca Life World amalgamates all the Toca Life apps (City, Vacation, Office, Hospital, and more) into a single global universe. The game empowers little explorers to create their own captivating narratives and adventures, a feature that has catapulted its popularity among kids and parents globally.

All Around Toca Life World: The Gameplay

The gameplay of Toca Life World, though relatively simple in concept, is immensely engaging. At the core of the game is a digital sandbox where children can explore and simulate various real-world environments and experiences freely without the constraints of levels or rules. Kids can do anything from carrying out routine tasks to embarking on thrilling adventures.

From bustling city streets and serene picnic spots to haunted mansions and underwater cafes, the scenarios are as diverse as they come. At the beginning of the game, children are assigned a small area of play, which they can expand by purchasing new places or unlocking them—each location brimming with interactive elements and peculiar characters.

Children can choose from a roster of nearly 400 characters to play with and an array of pets to care for. From dressing up the characters, assigning roles, to even deciding their expressions – everything is in the hands of the little player.

Key features of Toca Life World:

1. Open-ended Gameplay: Toca Life World provides an unrestricted gaming environment where players can explore and interact with everything at their own pace.

2. Wide Range of Locations: From bustling city streets, beaches, and spooky forests to intergalactic space stations, Toca Life World comprises a wide variety of locations.

3. Numerous Characters: Players can choose from over 400 characters, each with its unique look and personality traits to create their narratives.

4. Customization: The game allows for extensive character customization, costume selection and background setup, thus providing a tailor-made gaming experience.

5. Interactive Environments: Every place in Toca Life World is packed with interactive elements, allowing children to role-play everyday tasks to fascinating adventures.

6. Pets: An array of cute, funny, and unique pets are available for adoption in the game, each bringing a different flavor of fun.

7. Regular Updates: The game adds new locations, characters, hidden treasures, and much more via regular updates to keep the game fresh and exciting.

8. Safe Game Environment: Toca Life World provides a safe and child-friendly environment that is free of ads and external influences.

9. No High Scores or Levels: The game does not pressure children with competitive scoring or levels, focusing instead on pure exploratory and imaginative play.

10. In-Game Purchases: Toca Life World offers in-app purchases to expand the game's content by unlocking additional locations and features.

However, despite the game’s potential for unlimited blissful entertainment, there are drawbacks. The most significant one is the frequent in-app purchases that become a necessity if kids want to unlock new locations outside of the basic starter area. This can upset the regular free gameplay and may, at times, lead to substantial expenses.

Living the Toca Life: User Impressions

Toca Life World has generally received a positive response from its users due to its distinctive focus on open-ended play, promoting creativity and storytelling among children. Parents have lauded the game for its ability to keep children entertained and hone decision-making skills. The vibrant graphics, interactive environment, and the plethora of characters have been appreciated by its tiny players.

But it's not all hunky-dory. Some users have reported occasional lagging and loading issues, which sometimes lead to a loss of progress. Additionally, the high reliance on in-app purchases to unlock most of the game’s content may also lead to disappointment among some of the players.

In conclusion, Toca Life World stands as a unique offering in the realm of children's digital gaming – an imaginative platform that encourages creativity and exploration. Despite a few technical hitches and potentially high in-app purchases, it manages to provide a captivating and enriching entertainment outlet for children, thus creating a tangible digital world that seamlessly blends learning with fun.


  • - Promotes creative and imaginative play
  • - Diversity of locations and characters
  • - Open-ended gameplay without levels or rules
  • - Safe and ad-free environment for kids
  • - Regular updates adding new features and places.


  • - Frequent in-app purchases can be expensive
  • - Sometimes faces technical issues such as lagging and loading errors
  • - Some users have reported the loss of progress.

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